Ariana Grande mourns her Ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller in an Heartbreaking tweet

Ariana Grande  mourns his Ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller in an Heartbreaking tweet

The singer is still thinking about her late ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller and also mourns his loss. Ariana Grande took to her official Twitter page yesterday to remember the dead rapper in a sad tweet.

Furthermore, it looks like there is quite a bittersweet connection between one of Mac’s songs and the heartbreaking tweet she shared yesterday.

Ariana Grande has been morning her ex and great friend a lot lately, suggesting he is always on her mind.

While this time around, she did not mention Mac’s name, fans were quick to realize Grande was talking about the rapper.

‘U in my dreams that’s why I sleep all the time,’

she wrote.

But while to the average Twitter user, her words may sound like they’re just a personal confession, Mac’s fans know all too well that they are lyrics from Mac’s song titled Cinderella!

Obviously, it’s both a confession and a tribute, and it sounds like she may have been listening to his songs to remember the late Ex-boyfriend.

Not to mention that Cinderella is about her!

While people suspected that all the 10 tracks on his 2016 album The Divine Feminine were about his girlfriend at the time, Ariana revealed in a tweet that Cinderella was the only one written for her.

‘You in my dreams, that’s why I sleep all the time / Just to hear you say I love you, just to touch you,’ Mac sings on the track.

Ariana Grande was obviously very affected by Mac Miller’s death, and her heartbreaking posts on social media are proof she cared and loved him very much.

She also mentioned him in her latest song, Thank U, Next, singing: ‘Wish I could say, ‘Thank you’ to Malcolm / ‘Cause he was an angel.’

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