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R Kelly manager set to Ruin man and his family

R Kelly manager set to Ruin man and his family

Popular american singer R Kelly manager had finally set his goal in running man who says R Kelly is holding his daughter captive.



R Kelly’s manager threatened to ruin a man and his family in a series of harassing texts and phone calls after learning he had participated in a new Lifetime series detailing allegations and rape and abuse against the singer.

A police report filed in Georgia reveals that Don Russell texted and called Timothy Savage to say it ‘would be best for him and his family if the documentary does not air.’

Russell later said that he and Kelly might have to release information that would destroy Savage, his family and his business.

Savage and his wife Jonelyn have been trying for years to get back their daughter Jocelyn, who ran off to be with Kelly shortly after meeting him backstage at a concert when she was only 17.

They believe that she is being held captive but the singer, but both Kelly and Jocelyn deny this is the case.The report, which was first obtained by CBS 46 , states that Savage called police shortly after 5am on the day of the incident.

The responding officer then arrived at the house before 5:45am, which is when Russell called Savage on the phone.

Savage was then able to put the phone on speaker so that the officer could hear everything that was being said by Russell.’Don says several times that Timothy is providing Lifetime with false information, and that is he continues supporting the documentary that they (R Kelly / Don) would be forced to release information disproving Don,’ reads the report.

‘Don advised Timothy that the information would ruin him, his reputation, business and family, because it would show him a liar.’

This is actually the second time one of the singer’s managers has threatened Savage, who previously filed a police report against James Mason.

There is now an outstanding warrant for Mason after he failed to respond to police when they asked to question him about the ‘threats’ he made to Savage.

The Savages first spoke out in an interview with BuzzFeed on in 2017 which contained worrying allegations that Kelly had been holding a handful of young women in cult like conditions and effectively treating them as his sexual slaves for years.

Some former members of his entourage vouched for their concern. Three separate women said they were all forced to subscribe to his rules.

They said they were told when to eat, bathe, sleep and had to perform sexual acts on one another which the singer then recorded.


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