Richard Madeley reveals the secrets his 32 year marriage to Judy Finnigan

Richard Madeley reveals the secrets his 32 year marriage to Judy Finnigan

Richard Madeley, 62, admits he has a ‘very happy’ sex life with wife Judy Finnigan, 70, as he reveals the secrets to their happy 32 year marriage

They have been happily married for 32 years, after first meeting in 1982 when they worked for Granada TV and were married to different people.

And Richard Madeley was candid as he discussed his sex life, trivial arguments, and his marriage to Judy Finnigan, 70, with The Sun on Sunday.

The broadcaster, 62, revealed:

‘I’ve made it a rule never to talk about my sex life, but we have always shared a bed and we still share an en-suite bathroom. Having said that, I am very happy with my sex life.

‘And I’ve never had to sleep on the couch. The only time I sleep in the spare room now is when I’m doing an early morning show and don’t want to wake Judy up.’

The pair have avoided any marital trouble over the years, and Richard revealed that while they’ve sometimes had a ‘screaming, f***-you row’ it’s never been serious enough to create any problems between them.

He explained ‘We’ve never had marriage counselling, and never ever so much as discussed divorce. There have been no crisis dinners, nothing. We respect each other, and that’s the key.’

Richard was married to Lynda Hooley for five years before they divorced in 1983 after he met Judy, while she was with husband David Henshaw, with whom she shares twin sons Dan and Dom, until 1986.

The famous couple hosted This Morning from its inception in 1998 to 2001 before taking on their show – Richard and Judy – in 2001 for eight years.

But in May, their daughter Chloe, 31, revealed that Judy had decided to retired from television work, while Richard would continue in showbusiness.

Chloe told The Sun: ‘My mum is done with TV and if she went back to it I don’t think it would make her happy. She wants to concentrate on other things, such as her health and our family.’

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