Rita Ora went braless at Matsuhisa

Rita Ora went braless at Matsuhisa

Rita Ora was spotted by the paparazzi rushing to her ride after dining at the 90210 sushi hotspot with friends. She seemed to ditch the bra as she wears her sheer long-sleeved crop top with confidence.

Rita Ora is believed by many on social media as the woman that Beyonce was referring to as “Becky with the good hair.” Many suspect that she was Jay Z’s side chick – and nearly destroyed Jigga’s marriage to Beyonce.

Luckily Jay Z and Beyonce are in a better place in their marriage.

But if Rita was his side chick . . . it’s easy to see how she got him to SLIP UP.

Rita Ora went braless at Matsuhisa

Rita performed at the People’s Choice Awards last night and reports are saying that the singer was SHADED by the Kardashians. According to a report:

Rita Ora, who dated Rob Kardashian, sang “Let You Love Me” at the People’s Choice Awards on Nov. 11, but her ex’s family made sure to throw some minor shade at her by completely ignoring her performance. An eyewitness at the event told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that when it came time for Rita to take the stage, the Kardashians‘ attention went elsewhere. “The Kardashians majorly shaded Rob’s ex Rita as none of them watched her perform,” our eyewitness told us. “They all weren’t paying attention to her. Khloe applauded briefly, but you could tell they were so uninterested.”

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