DJ Cuppy says she won’t be deterred from achieving her purpose

DJ Cuppy is getting all inspirational on Instagram as she says she won’t be deterred from achieving all that she has been set to do.

The billionaire heiress and disc jockey made this known via her Instagram page on Friday, November 23, 2018. In her long post, she also revealed that she is proud of all that she has achieved and have no regrets.

“I normally don’t like to share too much of my personal feelings on social media, but I am in such a place of peace that I would love to inspire you… This morning, I stopped for a moment to look back at my journey over the years. Yes, I may not be quite where I want to be yet, but I thank God for progress and strength. I have gone from a young girl with dreams to a woman with a global vision. Anyone in the industry will tell you how challenging and often mentally draining our work is but I have always loved music and that pure passion is what keeps me going.


“I, Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, am proud of what I have achieved so far with no regrets at all. I look forward to learning more and growing with each show, each song, and each experience. I don’t know where my mission will take me but I am loving each day it brings. Music makes me happy, and that is all that matters. What makes you happy? Nobody will ever deter me from my purpose, and you shouldn’t let them do that to you either! Thank you to all my cupcakes for the encouragement and support. I will always better myself for you! Now, let’s all WIN! #CuppyOnAMission,” she wrote.

So for anyone trying to make DJ Cuppy feel bad with herself, she is letting all of them know that she doesn’t entertain all that bad energy. Just like she said, she doesn’t share much of her personal feelings on social media but we think this might be connected to some of her comments which sometimes gets a lot of people talking.DJ Cuppy has revealed why she stopped being a feminist » and concentrated on just making herself a better entertainer. The billionaire heiress revealed this while granting an interview with City FM. According to her, she didn’t really understand the idea of being a feminist after a while hence her reason for opting out of the idea.

dj cuppy Florence Ifeoluwa Odetola
dj cuppy Florence Ifeoluwa Odetola


“I use to consider myself a feminist until I realised that I really didn’t understand it. I don’t like people who are hypocrites. So people are out there speaking about women rights but behind closed doors, they are doing crazy things.

“I just feel like I would never out as a feminist because am in a male-dominated industry so I have certain scenarios I have to I deal with men on a day to day bases and I realised that they are always going to think they are better than women. I don’t believe being a feminist will change things.

“I don’t think it’s going to solve it. I use to have issues when people felt like my dad made my career. After a while, I was like you know what I cant kill myself over it you cannot change the way people think. So if we go around as women trying to change the way men think we going to tire ourselves out. What we need to do is concentrate on achieving our own goals and working on ourselves,” she said.

This interview didn’t go down well with a lot of women propagating feminism in the society as this interview became a trending topic on social media.

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