Flex Rabanyan – FWR (For Whatever Reason) mp3 + Lyrics

DOWNLOAD mp3: Flex Rabanyan – FWR (For Whatever Reason)

Flex Rabanyan – FWR (For Whatever Reason) :Flex Rabanyan recently took to social media to reveal that he paid R9 800 to an individual at Metro FM which was never aired.

Flex’s tweets sparked a reaction from Reason who expressed their concerns over the star openly admitting to paying to have his music on the airwaves.

“So, in other words, we wouldn’t know about this if your song was playlisted. This is like telling the cops about the robbery you guys did because your friend didn’t give you your cut. I’m really worried about you flex,” rapper Reason replied.

Flex, however, saw nothing wrong with his actions and continued to defend himself insisting that the payola was an investment as opposed to fraud. Today, The winner of the Vuzu’s Hip-Hop reality show, The Hustle has released what seems to be a beef song taking shots at Reason. The song is aptly titled “”.

Hear him below and let us know what you think!

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DOWNLOAD mp3: Flex Rabanyan – FWR (For Whatever Reason)

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