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Download Simi Ara Ile mp3 + Lyrics

Simi did really well on this one. Listened to her album over the weekend, and I must say I’m impressed. From what I hear, she’s already getting airplays in Ibadan (her hometown) and Lagos. I think she has a real shot.

Download mp3 Ara Ile by Simi

Simi Song Lyrics Ara Ile

don’t be shy now
its okay
a titu gbe de

let me see you gbesoke
it’s your happy day
if you wanna show it
don’t you know it’s alright
that it’s alright
what you doing now
sitting down
it’s not okay
God’s been good to you
and I bet you know that you should be grateful
really grateful
ara ile
e jijo Jesu daadaa
ara ile
e ma ba mi ki baba ooo
ara ile
e ka wo soke yaaya
e kuro lona omo onijo tide
omo onijo alayo o
let me show you how
I can dance
when I’m in the mood
just take it inside out
upside down
as long as you’ve been grooving
don’t contest with me
ama beat your ass down
and make you run run
so I cannot groove on
if you don’t know how
you just watch and learn
let’s keep busy
think of all the ways
God’s been good to you
let’s keep busy
back back
turn around
do it yourself
se wo lo so pe ko sijo lese mi
fi yen le jo mo ni Jesu laye mi
boya lo mo pe stepper lo mo latile
ijo n ba jo forisa
ma kuku Jo f’Olorun
aye n reti eleya mi pupo
bi e se mo tele
emi ati sugbon
ati yapa tipe lopolopo
oriburuku ti sa lo


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